aqua gold mesotherapy microchanneling

Micro-Channel Mesotherapy


 Microchaneling is new to MedSkin Laser Center, which is a gold-plated, needle system that delivers custom solutions into the skin at the ideal 600 micron depth. It allows us to painlessly and effectively deliver vitamins, stem cells, nano-peptide active ingredients, micro-botox and fillers. Our medical spa clients will certainly learn the rising benefits microchanneling has to offer!

 It works on the principle of delivering active cosmeceutical ingredients into the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin, penetrating the skin’s protective outer layer to ensure effective delivery of all ingredients. 

This results in improving the quality and structure of the skin and enhancing cell regeneration at a deeper level. The skin is left fresher and more radiant, while avoiding common complications or risks associated with traditional mesotherapy or injectable techniques, that can often be painful, require downtime and even cause skin irritation. 

The treatment is then complimented with an LED Light Therapy Facial to reduce redness, boost collagen renewal and calm the skin.  


  AQUAGOLD Fine Touch, known as the Golden Cocktail Facial by Hollywood’s elite, tightens, plumps and brightens the skin, it improves texture, tone, pigmentation, melasma lines, inflammation, redness, pores and even acne scarring.   

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